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Not Famous? Use a Celebrity Identity… | The Practical CIO

Not Famous? Use a Celebrity Identity…

We all know we should not trust e-mails we receive, particularly the ones that are forwarded from someone else. This story however is interesting.

Luís Fernando Veríssimo a very famous Brazilian writer, has written many books and is a master in writing short, funny stories. His father, Érico Veríssimo, also a writer, has produced work considered classic Brazilian literature. Here you can find information about these two incredible authors: Luís Fernando Veríssimo and Érico Veríssimo.

Recently Luís Fernando Veríssimo visited the US and participated in an event sponsored by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) in Miami. I could not resist attending, since I am a fan and read most of his books. During Q&A, Luís Fernando was asked about short stories circulating via e-mail on the internet carrying his name. He said that most of the e-mail stories are not his and you can tell because the author signs Luíz (with a z instead of a s) Fernando Veríssimo. He went on to say that some stories are pretty good and people compliment him on them, stories that he did not write. Apparently there is nothing he can do about it.

Why someone would produce work using someone else name? If the stories are good why not produce under his/her own name? Add a comment below.

Here is a translation of the latest story I received from a friend: [more]


End of the Family Tree

Luiz Fernando Veríssimo (note the z)
Is it going to be who’s grandmother? 

 Mom, I’m getting married!
 Really, my son? I’m so happy! Who is the girl?

Not a girl. I will marry a boy .. His name is Murilo.
You said Murilo … 
Or it was my brain that suffered a minor psychotic episode?

I said Murilo. Why, mother? Something’s going on?
Nothing, no … 
Only my vision is murky. And my heart, may give an arrest. Other than that, everything’s great.

If you have any problem with it, better to talk now …
Problem? No problem. Just thought I would someday have a daughter-in-law … Or something.

You’ll have a daughter-in-law. Only that it will be a daughter-in-law … Half male.
Or a son-in-law  half-female. 
In short: a daughter-in-law almost male, tending to a son-in-law almost female … And when will I meet my… My… Murilo?

You can call him Cookie. It’s his nickname.
Cookie … I liked it .. Someone with that name can only be a nice person. When will Cookie come to visit?

Nothing. Just so I can let you father know in advance.

Do you think Dad will not accept?
Of course he’ll accept! Of course he will. Just do not know if he will survive … But this too is nonsense, he will die knowing that you found your soul mate. And look what a sight: two halves with a mustache.

Mother, how silly … Today … Almost all my friends are gay.
I just hope at least one is not … 
To be able to introduce him to your sister.

Bel is already dating.
Bel? Dating?! She did not tell me anything … Who is he?

Someone called Veruska.
What you mean?

Veruska …
Ah, good! What a shock! I thought you had said Veruska.

Mother !!!…
.. Okay, okay … okay … I am happy if you are happy. I’m only sad because I will not have grandchildren.

Why not? Cookie and I want to have two children. I’ll donate the sperm. And Cookie’s ex-girlfriend will donate the eggs.
Cookie has ex-girlfriend?

When he was straight … Veruska.
What Veruska?

Bel’s girlfriend …
Wait. The former girlfriend of your current boyfriend … And the current girlfriend of your sister. Which is my daughter too … And is called Bel. Is that it? Because I am a bit lost …

You got it. Well … Veruska will donate the eggs. And we’ll rent a womb …
From whom?

But. Why Bel?! You mean that … Bel will give birth to a child from you and Cookie. With your sperm and the egg of her girlfriend, Veruska.

Yes, that is it.
This child, in a way, will be your daughter, Cookie’s daughter and  the daughter  of Veruska and Bel.

The child will have two mothers: you and Cookie. And two fathers: Veruska and Bel.

More or less…
On the other hand, Bel …., besides mother will be the aunt … Or uncle … Because she is your sister.

Exactly. And next year we will have a second child. This time, Cookie will donate the sperm, and Veruska will carry the child … With Bel’s egg. We will only exchange.
Just exchange, right? 
Now the egg will be Bel’s in Veruska’s womb.

Now I understand! Now I really understood …

What did you understand?
I understand that is kind of modern times swing!

What swing, mother ?!!….
It’s swing, yes! An exchange of couples … With eggs and sperm, First into the uterus of one, and then in the womb of another …..

But …
But no! This is  an orgy… This generation’s orgy! And worse … With incest in the middle …

Bel and Veruska will only help conceiving  our child, that’s all …
I know!  And when they decide to have children of they own, what is going to happen? …

We will help.
You know what? At the end I did not understand anything. I did not understand who is going to be the mother, who’s going to be the father, who’s uterus, who’s sperm. .. The only thing I realized is that …

What …. ?
Making family tree going forward … 
will be a bitch!