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Want to build a great team? Start with Yourself. | The Practical CIO

Want to build a great team? Start with Yourself.

In the book The Practical CIO I stress the importance for CIOs — and managers at large– to build a winning team. A CIO without a great team is nothing, will not accomplish much and may not be able to manage the basics of the IT function, let alone use technology to transform the business and contribute to the business success.

Conversely, there are no limits to a team where team members work together and trust each other. A winning team feeds on its successes and uses the success to self-motivate to accomplish even more.

When I say that it is not the technology, but the team, I know I am saying nothing new. Like many things in life, it is much easier to deal with technology than with people. Because of that CIOs tend to pay more attention to technology than their teams. Changing a person’s behavior is not like changing a computer program. If you want to change a program, go to the code, make the change and the program will start to behave differently immediately. Changing a person’s behavior is complex, challenging and takes time. Some, like my wife for example, may say that it is impossible. I know that she is referring to me when she says that.

Building a great team requires change people’s behavior. A team building CIO should start by having a critical look at him/herself and then build a team that to take advantage of his/her streghts and to compensate for weaknesses. How you do that?

Look for future posts on this topic, here on The Practical CIO.